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Our Mission

To enhance holistic relationships with nature and each other through nature-based, culturally relevant experiences; build equity in outdoor leadership for Black, Brown, and Indigenous.


Our Vision

We envision a future where we treat land and water as family, a future in which Black, Brown, and Indigenous people are in deep relations with each other, as leaders in the stewardship and renewal of watersheds, ecosystems, and bioregions.

We will create culturally relevant educational curriculum and innovative recreational programs, that will provide support to other outdoor groups.


We seek to acquire land and a facility to fulfill the mission and goals of increasing our presence and voices in outdoor spaces.

Our Values

Encourage intergenerational participation of families and individuals.


Strive for zero waste and good food practices (i.e., organic, locally sourced, and plant-based foods).


Uphold restorative justice practices.


Facilitated by cooperative decision-making and consensus building. Build towards a sustainable future.


Governed by Nguzo Saba Principles


Our Board

The Board of Black to the Land Coalition is made up of dynamic individuals with diverse interest, that all share the same vision and work collaboratively together to uplift the mission and achieve the vision of the organization.

Beyond the Board is a community of co-founders, advisors, collaborative partnerships with organizations, and volunteers.

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