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Urban Forest School

Dedicated to engaging our littlest, most curious explorers, ages 0 to 12 and their families. Children utilize sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste (when safe) to discover the world around them. Urban Forest School host culturally focused social and educational events every month.


    Urban Forest University

    Designed for our youth, ages 14 to 18, we provide outdoor education and recreational programs to promote leadership skills. Urban Forest University allows our youth to take ownership in designing and managing meaningful activities with goals and outcomes to achieve. 

    The Silvers

    Dedicated to our 50 and up, wise and wonderful participants, we provide intentional, age appropriate events and programs to suite various levels of ability. The Silvers allows our scholars of life to engage in meaningful ways outside of the four walls of rec and community centers.  


    Our Numbers! 

    Over 50% of our participants are new to hiking, kayaking, camping, etc.

    Browns, Blacks, & Kayaks is one of the largest BIPOC kayak event 

    (105 first timers kayakers in 2022)!

    Detroit Urban Forest School engaged over 50 little explorers and their families in 2022.

    Over 500 new and returning participants engaged in  2022.

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