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reg lawson
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The Silvers

The Silvers program is dedicated to our most life experienced, 50 and up participants. This program was born out of the request from, Kathryn Underwood, a  long time supporter who often serves as advisor to our organization. She requested that we create an intentional space for our silver haired nature lovers, who also enjoy the outdoors, but want to do activities that are more aligned with their interest and physical abilities. We too saw the need, as we noticed that there are many programs that cater to children, teens, and young adults, but hardly any programs that are centered around our older population. 

This is a great opportunity to allow fellowship beyond the walls of an indoor rec center, or senior activities that are outdated and not engaging enough for their liking. Nature and outdoor recreational provides the perfect opportunity to break up the monotony and increase physical activity. We also know the many positive impacts to mental wellbeing and physical health that engaging in nature provides. 

Our Silvers are so valuable to our community and they hold a wealth of knowledge from agriculture, upcycling and minimalism practices which promotes sustainability, plant identification and medicine making, wise wisdoms of survival, and so much more.  We are thankful for the knowledge, skills, and life lessons that they will pass down to our Urban Forest School and University participants. 

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